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width="500" alt="YjS-N?bNpRV"> <br><br> <font size=+1>0YjS-N?bNpRV0 9hncCoreLogicS^vge0WNpenc 2018t^5gWSRYjS-N?bN$730,000 N\PeGS QRSSeؚ09hncCoreLogicS^vge0WNpenc YjS-N?bNkSt^ TgmN7.2%0<br> <br> Orange County Medium Home Price Chart <br><br> SY9hnchnf/Case-Shiller?bNcpebJT>f:y cpe[N?bNv~V SƖ-NNV20*N;NW^0 bSy mIgwSSYjSv?bN2000t^1g NmN171% NmE^^MORhQVKN0 hnf/Case-Shiller?bNcpebJT؏>f:y mIgwSTYjSv?bNA~MONhQVMRR0 S_0WvcpeSt^ NmN7.5% (W20W-Nc T,{V k2012t^ NmN52%0<br> 20*NW^hnf/Case-Shiller?bN~TcpeSt^ NGS6.3% (WǏS5t^-N NmN40%0 <br> 2000t^w Vwm\W^`SncNiUSv;NMOn -NW^ Tghs r RYȏ?[I{W^?bN_X Nwm\0W:SǏS5t^vmE^ Nv N N02012t^w NS萄v?b0WN^:WGSf>e SbQQWI{(WQvR:SW?b0WNpRs^0 vQYOvW^v`Q</font><br><br> No.2 eёq\ San Francisco (W2017t^ Nm9.2% 2012t^ Nm71%<br> No.3 #W0WNT San Diego (W2017t^ Nm7.4% 2012t^ Nm50%<br> No.4 ŖV Seattle (W2017t^ Nm12.7% 2012t^ Nm64%<br> No.6 lyrpQPortland (W2017t^ Nm6.8% 2012t^ Nm58%<br> No.18 RT Chicago (W2017t^ Nm2.6% 2012t^ Nm24%<br> No.19 ^yr_ Detroit (W2017t^ Nm7.1% 2012t^ Nm45%<br> No.20 KQ)R+YpQ Cleveland (W2017t^ Nm3.4% 2012t^ Nm16%<br><br> 0\~n?bNpR2018, \~n?bNpR20190<br> 0\~n?bNpR2020, \~n?bNpR20210 <br> <br> <br> 0Orange County Home Price Chart0July 3, 2018 <br> House prices shot up by more than 8 percent in Los Angeles County and the Inland Empire in the 12 months ending in May, while Orange County prices rose by more than 6 percent, according to the CoreLogic. <br><br> Los Angeles County house prices increased 8.3 percent year over year, the index showed, while prices rose 8.2 percent in Riverside and San Bernardino counties. It s the third straight month that price appreciation topped 8 percent in Los Angeles and inland counties. <br><br> Orange County prices rose 6.2 percent, the third month in a row that price gains were at 6 percent or more, CoreLogic figures show. <br><br> House prices increased nationally by 7.1 percent from May 2017 to this past May, while California prices were up 8.9 percent. <br><br> The lean supply of homes for sale is leading to higher sales prices and fewer days on market, The supply shortage is more acute for entry-level homes. <br><br> </font> <br><br><br><img src="price_201610.jpg" border="0" width="500" alt="\~n?bNVh"> <br><br><br><img src="price_201612.jpg" border="0"alt="\~n-N?bN"> </td> <td width="1" Height="1"><img src="blank.gif" width="1" height="1"></td> </tr> <!--END NW head --> <tr> <td width="478" valign="top" align="left"> <blockquote> <br> <blockquote> <p class="orangemain"> <font color="#990000"></font> <br><br> 0\~n?bNpRV0 N _V wn\~n?bNvpR N w1\f<br> geMLSpenc \~n?bNbJT0 2016t^8g\~n-N?bN$769,998 RY4xz QRSSeؚ0<br> N2013t^?bN払^S9_ \~n?bNŏVGS2007t^?bN'Y̍MRv4ls^0 \~n?bP[0R^Y5 ؏_\~n?bNpRVegJTɋ` N w1\f \~nr hK\T+RX.U-NN 2016t^8g\~n?bN^:WQReؚ0\~nQ.UƖTTUSN[^OO[ Ng-N?bN76N9998CQ kNt^Ng73N2500CQ Nm5.1%0<br> N _V wn\~n?bNSU\R RgKm\~n?bNv[NONwQ g\oRv?b^0W:S0 <br> <br> Irvine Home Price Chart <br> Irvine Real Estate Market Trends <br><br> The median home value in Irvine is $859,300. Irvine home values have gone up 6.1% over the past year. The median list price per square foot in Irvine is $494, which is higher than the Los Angeles Metro average of $428. <br><br> Irvine median home price graph<br> Irvine average home price chart<br> Irvine sold house prices, Irvine home values <br> <br> <br><br> </p> <p class="orangemain"> <font color="#990000"></font><br><br></p> <p class="orangemain"><a target=_top href="index.htm"><img src="home.jpg" border="0"></a> <font color="#990000"></font></p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <br> <!p class="orangemain"><!a target=_top href="taxi.htm"><!img src="mtaxi.gif" width="500" height="40" border="0"><!/a><!/p> </td> <td width="1" rowspan="2"><img src="blank.gif" width="1" height="200"></td> </tr> <!--Begin last rows --> <tr> <td width="1" valign="bottom" align="center"> </td> </tr> <TR> <TD width="168" colspan="1" BGCOLOR="#000066"> <p align="center"><font color="#990000" face="Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><b>Copyright<br> Irvine_Realty</b></font></p> <br> </td> <td valign="top" width="478"> <center> <br><br> <p> <p><strong><font color="black"> T|bNvV</font><a href="mailto:marklu123@gmail.com"><font color="#4169E1"> Email all your inquiries to our team</font></a></strong> </P> </center> </td> <td height="30" width="1"><img src="blank.gif" width="1" height="30"></td> </TR> <!--end last rows --> </table> </BODY> </html>